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Key Provisions of the New Tax Act and What They Mean to Your Business

It was a long time coming but the Republican House was able to pass the largest tax overhaul this Country has seen since the Regan Era tax code changes of…

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Meals and Entertainment Changes
Under Tax Reform

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 contains many changes effecting individuals and businesses. A particular area of angst that is going to require proper tracking by businesses is…

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Getting The Full Tax Benefit From Your Charitable Donations

There are many reasons why individuals donate to charitable organizations. Some people donate simply because they are passionate about the mission of the charity they are contributing to. Others like…

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Race to the (Divorce) Finish Line

As preliminary versions of the new tax bill were released, it was apparent that big changes were on the horizon in the spousal support (alimony) arena. The prospect had attorneys…

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