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Race to the (Divorce) Finish Line

As preliminary versions of the new tax bill were released, it was apparent that big changes were on the horizon in the spousal support (alimony) arena. The prospect had attorneys…

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Should Non-Operating Assets
Be Reflected by the Business?

Should it matter to the divorcing parties if non-performing business assets appear on the business’ balance sheet? You better believe it should! Let me explain. Business value may be apportioned…

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I’m Divorced, Now What?
Things To Do After Your Divorce Settlement

Don’t Forget to Follow up with These Important, but Often Overlooked Action Items The divorce papers are signed, it should be over, right? If only it were that easy. All…

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Double Dipping and Business Valuation
in Divorce

When divorcing parties are required to value a business for equitable distribution purposes, there is an additional equitable valuation issue to consider, commonly referred to as “Double Dipping.” This term…

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