Is QuickBooks Online a Better Solution than Desktop?

QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop: Which is Better for You?

6460660699_f4fdac066d_bIf you are you always on the go or need your accountant to access your financial information in real-time, this just might be the solution for you. QuickBooks Online does not require an expensive computer or network to host your financial data, it can be accessed from a computer with a supported Internet browser or any iOS/Android smartphone or tablet with a data connection.  Even if you never leave your office, QuickBooks Online may still be a great accounting solution for your business.

QuickBooks Online (QBO) is a secure cloud-based application that has many of the features of your existing QuickBooks Desktop Pro or Premiere but with some convenient web-based add-ins.  As an online solution, QBO can be integrated with many top rated add-ins including expense tracking, payroll, appointment scheduling, e-commerce solutions and more.

QBO does not require the investment of an expensive server-based network and backup hardware, only a supported device with Internet access.  For many businesses, that cost savings of subscribing to QBO can be immense when there is no longer a need to maintain an expensive network and costly backup solutions. QBO is automatically backed up and can support multiple users, also, your accountant can be invited to access your QuickBooks without the expense of adding an additional user.

QBO offers monthly plans based on your actual business needs and does not require a subscription to a higher priced plan that may have features you do not necessarily require plus QuickBooks Enhanced or Full Service Payroll can easily be added to your subscription.  QBO includes customer support services at no additional cost – no added support subscription required.

Contact your GKG CPAs QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor to find out if QuickBooks Online is an appropriate solution for your business.

Amy Baumann, Senior Accountant